Kitchen Design Inspiration

With so many German kitchen styles to choose from we've selected some of our favourite kitchen designs which we hope will inspire you in your own kitchen project.


Have you decided to plan a new kitchen? What's next? There are plenty of furniture stores, websites and magazines that will give you good advice and help you with the planning process. But the first and most important decision is the style and look of the kitchen and that is something that is personal to you.

You'll be able to find plenty of information on which colours and materials are currently in trend and which kitchen is the most popular, but they may not necessarily be the right choices for you. Do you want a handleless kitchen, an island, wall cupboards or open shelving, bright colours or simple neutral shades...?

We have chosen a few of our favourite Contur kitchens to explore in more detail.  Perhaps you will like one of the designs or at least get some ideas on how your new kitchen should look. Then you can get in touch with us on  020 3397 8787 for a free design consultation to begin planning your new kitchen.

Girl and mother in utility room
Systemo Island Worktop
Concrete Grey Kitchen
The Feeling of Home and Family


White and oak island kitchen
Girl and mother in utility room
Washer and dryer in tall utility cupboards
Kitchen shelf in niche with books


We built a house in the country for the benefit of our children, explains Monika Siebert. It was clear to us from the start that if we were to build a new house, then we wanted a lot of light and open architecture. We wanted to bring the outside inside and share our home with nature. We wanted our kitchen to be open plan and with plenty of air to breathe and at the same time practical. This is how a kitchen should be. We succeeded, and more than that, the kitchen has become home to all of us.


We are still enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the open kitchen, where the children are always in view and they can use the table as their playground. I think we did everything right. Also in terms of kitchen equipment we like to cook and enjoy the advantage that we can buy everything fresh from local farmers in the countryside.


There are endless possibilities in designing your kitchen. For us it was clear from the start: it should be a warm material. The real wood veneer with its light appearance was exactly the right thing for us. As a contrast, we had the kitchen island planned in white lacquer, with a flush sink and hob with an integrated extractor.  This gives you the feeling of sunshine, even if it doesn't look like spring outside.. We didn't want a cellar so we built a utility room. Our kitchen planner implemented it perfectly. We like everything on one level ...


There is nothing more practical than having everything on one level with direct access. Our utility room, integrated behind the kitchen, is the best example of this. A skylight that brings a lot of brightness into the room. The appliances were very importance to us. Everything is built in. The dryer and the washing machine are at waist height - absolutely practical and back-friendly. The dirty linen cupboard with its oval openings looks very stylish. Plus there is a lot of cupboard space and drying facilities if the laundry can't be hung outside. The integrated wash basin is a must when handling cleaning buckets. And everything is behind a sliding door: simply close the door and we are ready for guests.

Elegant and Practical


Onyx Black Matt Island Kitchen
Onyx Black Kitchen Island
Onyx Black Metal Shelves
Andreo & Marcello Gallotti

Andrea and Marcello Gallotti founded the organic slow food restaurant and delicatessen Erasmus in 2014. They prepare the finest regional cuisine in Karlsruhe. Marcello's motto is "Cooking is joie de vivre - intense and straight to the heart"!

Andrea and Marcello live above their restaurant and their kitchen is a beautiful and elegant design in matt onyx black with matching black grip handles. Not all blacks are the same and we have two blacks in our range. Andrea and Marcello chose onyx black which is a deep pure black available in matt lacquer, laminate and matt glass. We also have a warmer lava black which is available in matt and gloss finishes.

The kitchen is a simple island design that is practical and comfortable to work in. The matt onyx black door fronts are resistant to fingerprints which is particularly important with darker colours. The worktop is a high quality ceramic worktop from Systemo, with a subtle slightly marbled appearance.

The tall metal shelving is in onyx black to match the kitchen units. The appliances are also black to maintain the uniformity of the design.

Form and Function


Light Concrete Reproduction Island Kitchen
Concrete reproduction kitchen island perspective
Blue sofa and grey table on concrete floor
Amelie Burkhard

Amelie Burkhard is a product designer for Contur kitchens. She designs Contur kitchen furniture taking into account both the practical everyday use of a kitchen and its aesthetics.


Amelie enjoys cooking so designing  kitchens that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also functional is both a challenge and a pleasure for her. Kitchens are increasingly becoming a "living space" playing the central role as the focal point in the apartment or house. This means that today's kitchens have to be welcoming an comfortable. Amelie recommends using warm materials, combining open shelving and closed cupboards, and of course the making space to put away items that are not being used.

All of this can be complemented by matching furniture from the same kitchen programme, such as sideboards, shelves and much more. This means that the kitchen grows into the living space and also follows the same homely aesthetic.


Form follows function is a somewhat over-used phrase. It is nevertheless important in kitchen design. How can drawers be opened, where do I need storage space and how do I work in the space? These are all essential questions to consider in the design. To make our kitchens functional Contur develop storage space solutions that offer a lot of hidden space, and consider ways to intelligently accommodate cooking island in smaller spaces. Integrated multifunctional appliances support the design.


Amelie's kitchen design combines carefully coordinated components in an open plan living space. The door fronts are predominantly misty concrete reproduction and this has been combined with a contrasting flamed oak reproduction front for the tall appliance cupboards.

The appliances complement the design. The Miele induction hob includes a downdraft extractor which means there is no need for a separate extractor taking up space and breaking the simple lines of the kitchen. The flush-mounted sink by Blanco and the elegant Miele integrated espresso machine also reflect the kitchen's minimal design.


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