Contur Kitchen Configurator

Explore the creative possibilities of a Contur Kitchen! With the Contur Kitchen Configurator you can select anything you require from our kitchen programme including colours, materials and accessories. As you select from the options your kitchen design takes shape immediately on your screen.

Laminate and Lacquer Laminate

Kitchen unit fronts manufactured with a high quality polymer resin in plain colour matt or gloss or high quality wood effects. These fronts are very robust and solid. Our imitation wood fronts can have the fine structure that gives them the appearance of real wood.


A genuine Resopal® front. These smooth matt fronts have the appearance of matt lacquer. They are impact, scratch and stain resistant. They are also heat and light resistant. Resopal® fronts are easy to clean because they resist water, water vapour, solvent and most domestic cleaning chemicals.


Our lacquer fronts are available in a range of styles and colours. Our lacquer fronts are manufactured using a water-based dual cure system with UV drying. The process is environmentally friendly and gives a high quality and durable finish. Our lacquer finishes are available in lightly structured satin matt, velvet matt, silk gloss and high gloss. All our lacquer finishes are easy to clean.


The glass front is available in a high gloss or matt finish. The glass front consists of 3mm toughened safety glass on top of a 16mm carrier material, and the reverse of the front is lacquered. The edge is protected by a specially manufactured frame. Glass fronts reflect light easily and are a high quality surface.

Wood Veneer

Wood is a warm, natural and sustainable material. Our wood veneer fronts have a reall wood veneer covering a carrier material. As kitchen units are exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, chemicals, knocks etc. Our veneered fronts are protected by a solid transparent PUR lacquer. The brushed front deliberately emphasises an originally crafted surface.

German Laminate Worktops

Our high quality laminate worktops are available in plain colours and also in wood and stone effect. The edges can be rounded or square and, as an optional extra, can be finished with an aluminium or imitation wood edge strip. We can also make end panels for your base units in the same material as your worktop to give a wrap-around effect.

Fenix, Quartz and Ceramic Worktops

Our Ceramic and Quartz worktops are durable solid surfaces available in a range of thicknesses. Our own brand Systemo® Ceramic and Quartz worktops are available in single colour and stone effect finishes. We can also supply worktops from other manufacturers, for example Silestone. Our Fenix worktops are slimline square-edged worksurfaces offer a crisp, sharp style that’s ideal for contemporary kitchens. With a smooth ultramatt texture, low light reflectivity and unrivalled depth of colour, worksurfaces made from Fenix NTM® combine elegant aesthetics with state-of-the-art technological performance.


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